of every exhibition a photographic reportage is layouted


approximately 20 pages  21x15 cm



you can get them at the center at 12.00 euro (2 copies: 20.00 / 3 copies: 28.00)


can be shipped* at extra 5.00 euro costs by 1 sending


2010 examples
vallonia • artoday  / dialogues en oeuvre(s) (exhausted)
gaea • aeolus / aarde • wind

2009 examples
infinity: the sky within reach
geometry: in search of the golden section
artanatomy: hidden harmony
intimacy: arts & craft in dialogue
feminity: five women charm by simplicity

2008 examples
magnesia 1 en 2
r.m. rilke & brugge, a centenary (exhausted)
together, spele-reien over-bruggen
suomi & belgieum
lace today in bruges

2007 examples
old materials new
structure & poetry
shelter in space

2006 examples
hommage to mondriaan (exhausted)
poetic abstract
belgian revelations
under the surface
light exposures

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at the back of callebert-design, floor 1, wollestraat 25, 8000 bruges, admission free every day  2 - 6 p.m.  excluding sunday