site zilverberg
bergstraat 23
8800 roeselare, 35 km higway from bruges.
architect: marc vanschuylenbergh
the specific contemporary architecture and the 2 ha
site is a center of in-situ land art creations and
in-situ indoor exhibitions   

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current exhibition on muze'um L  
CLOUD  NUAGE  WOLK   25/09 - 04/12/2016
a kinetic installation of 300 glass cristals which move with the slightest breeze, entrap light and leave free again.
the music of Peter Paelinck takes you on a journey to an unknown destination, pushed by the wind.

"The cloud as the transport of water, source of all life"






NOCTURNE  26 nov  5:00 - 7:30 pm


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the outdoor sculpture ‘the green floating light line”
by willy cauwelier #BE and the muze'um L make
part of the international project
this intercontinental in situ art line has been
inaugurated by sven gatz, flemish minister of culture
on july 21, 2016 in blankenberge #be and is
the result of a co-operation of private art
associations and authorities.
the cities of blankenberge, roeselare and palamos
are the pioneers