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only the lonely
03.04.04 - 30.05.04
detachment makes the artist a professional loner

- clementine van maaren (nl), sculptures
- ingrid rosschaert (be), glass
- claudie berg (de), graphics

clementine van maaren

"my selection of topics includes 2-dimensional displays of topographical structures and archaeological sites, "reclaimed" for the 3- dimensional world. this third dimension may not be factually correct: what was once overlooked could be lost forever..."

ingrid rosschaert

ingrid rosschaert designs imaginative and well thought-out three-dimensional forms in glass, often with an element of humour or social criticism. her materials and constructions are robust in form, but finished with a tender delicacy.

claudie berg

"all people stand alone in the crucial moments of their lives and in every thought they think. to create something new, I need solitude."

supported by

- de koninklijke ambassade van nederland

- das goethe institut brüssel
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