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chromatic turbulences
07.08.04 | 26.09.04
massive opposite colour vibrations

- jean-roch focant (be), colourgraphics
- yves braun (fr), glass

jean-roch focant
°1954 marche-en-famenne

each of focant's works draws the eye and the mind to the thick layers and vibrations of a warm, concrete, mat material, as solid as the sky and the earth. the subject can rarely be identified, but radiates an indefinable impression.
(stephane rey and collette bertot in 'l'echo')

yves braun
°1958 bruxelles

made with special types of glass, yves braun's chromatic columns underline the interaction between matter and light and explore the domain of the vibration of colours.
(eric louet, director of the puy-guillaume glass museum)

supported by

- la delegation culturelle pour la flandre
- de l'ambassade de france en belgique
  ©2004 maarten callebert