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emotional experience
02.10.04 | 28.11.04
two artistic points of view create one unique emotional experience

- maria bes (de), digital compositions
- yves jumeau (fr), glass

maria best

maria's alien world is invention: her surreal landscapes are populated by organic-sculptural forms, which she calls beings, passants, fluids and socials. the mysterious beings accept me as one of them, they are bewildering, they are soothing me. in her most recent works, the dynamics of their interactions has increased and my excitement rises. the light in the fantastic space speeds into the future. what is going to happen ?
(ulrike adler, bigart gallery, frankfurt)

yves jumeau

there are two different sides to yves jumeau... one comes up with humorous subjects, proving that sculpture is a powerful, universal language which bears witness to its era. the other yves jumeau creates combinations of pure forms, which may or may not be representative, and always in restrained colours, never violent.
(christian germak, art critic)

supported by

- la delegation culturelle pour la flandre
- l'ambassade de france en belgique
- das goethe institut brussel
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