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light structures
04.12.04 | 23.01.05
light as designer

- groep voorschoten (nl), photographics
- brigitta mels (be), glass
- nadia vermeren (be), glass

groep voorschoten
elly deinum ( °1941 )
jan de jong ( °1942 )
wil van leeuwen ( °1937 )
renée vermond ( °1969 )

"photographics is probably the most pure form of black-and-white photography. all grey values are removed until you are left with only black and white. an exciting work of art depends on the critical attitude of the artist, from the original shot to the final image and throughout all the development phases in between."

brigitta mels
°1949 kemzeke

her works have a sober simplicity and at the same time create a strong tension which often derives from well-chosen contrasts in the choice of colour and material. her art as a whole is imbued with an atmosphere of tranquil unity and artistic maturity
(miloslava svobodova, ika, mechelen)

nadia vermeren
°1953 willebroek

"daylight, i'm always looking for daylight. I catch it with my tools and then the light begins to impose its will on me and makes me do things that I could never have discovered or designed before. light is my masterÉ my work grows impulsively into what it is to be: reflections of all kinds! who really creates my work ?"

supported by

- la delegation culturelle pour la flandre
- l'ambassade de france en belgique
- das goethe institut brussel
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