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06.04.06 • 28.05.06

37 artists sit down at a table together with mondriaan

the first stop outside belgium for the international travelling exhibition: idea by conny van kasteel (nl): artists from different disciplines were asked individually NOT to make a mondriaan imitation but an original work in the form of a table, stool or chair, as a homage to mondriaan. the artists knew nothing about the other artists or how they would interpret this request. each artist will bring documentation, sketches, plans, his artefact and the reasoning behind it. there is also a CD with a musical "homage to mondriaan" by v.d. veen.

austria: stephan fillitz
germany: e.r.nele, peter royen, norbert thomas, inge besgen, hans gunter, alfons kunen, reszo somfai, ernst hesse
italy: getulio alviani, iginio balderi, enrico castellani, umberto mariani, lucio del pezzo, mauro staccioli
japan: kengiro azuma
netherlands: andre van lier, loek bos, willem kloppers, jac bisschops, go de graaf, henk van gerner, peter jansen, anneke klein kranenbarg, yvonne kracht, riki mijling, henk peeters, wicher meursing, anthonie sas, marry teeuwen, roel teeuwen, piet van zon
spain: julian gil
switzerland: andre evrard, rolf forster, jean mauboules
belgium: albert rubens
music: witte van der veen

supported by the royal embassy of the netherlands


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