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EXPO 3: 04.08 - 28.10.07
structure & poetry

opening: friday 03.08: jean-marie petyt reads own work.

furniture: gilberte claes (be)
textiles: nele de block (be)
photography: eddie bonesire (be)
visual poetry: jean-marie petyt (bruges) + tim oeyen & sanny winters (be)

© 2005, gilberte claes

gilberte claes
authenticity in material and construction
the programme exists from low table and some alternatives of small sitting elements.
the intention was the use of natural materials as wood and textile, plus attention to authenticity

nele de block
return to tweed
coincidence or not, long neglected substances and motives also emerge in fashion. tweed returns, and also jacquard. even furniture materials which were popular in the fifties, are now processed in fashion, but those substances appear now in new, fresh colours and with new technical applications. the designers choose also for more organic aims, such as flowers.

© 2005, eddie bonesire

eddie bonesire
besides photography, my first experiments with colour and form included abstract painting on fabric. I then progressively concentrated on photography, with an emphasis on balanced composition. the result : 'silent photography': photography through which I interact but do not interfere with the subject or its surroundings, and produce images on which simply rest one's eyes and mind.

jean marie petyt
with as topic 'summer' he wrote 5 poems for this exhibition, which on high banners are graphically designed by tim and sanny oeyen-winters

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design vlaanderen